Tenpin Bowling

Jacob’s Ladder

Ring Puzzle Game

Wooden Yo-Yo

Toys passed down from the children of yesterday, to the children of today and tomorrow”

Traditional Toy Collection

It is believed that tenpin bowling originated in medieval Europe, and was brought to America by the Dutch. This game comes with ten maple pins (three inches high), two large marbles, and a toy bag.

This toy of illusion originated from Appalachia. To create the illusion, the outermost block is grasped by its edges and tipped forward to touch the second block. This triggers the tumbling action. This Jacob’s Ladder is colored and made of solid wood.

The age of the Yo-Yo is under debate between historians and archaeologists. Scientists have located a vase decorated with what they believe to be an Ancient Greek boy playing with a Yo-Yo (c. 500 B.C.). Others argue the Yo-Yo originated in China. This was a popular toy during colonial times and during the civil war. This solid wood hand made Yo-Yo comes with  a toy bag and instructions on different tricks.