The origin of the catapult can be traced to the Greek empire. The last time these weapons were used in warfare was during World War I. This toy, modeled after the catapult, is handmade from solid wood. 

Marbles have been used for centuries. The game ‘Marbles’ was a common game in ancient Egypt and Rome. The game spread to the United States during colonial times. This game comes complete with the original rules and a marble bag.

The origins of the ball and cup, or the Bilboquet, can be traced back to Italy. It is unknown when this game came to the United States, but it was advertised by toy makers in the late 1700s. During the civil war, many soldiers made their own ball and cup game to pass the time. This product is handmade from solid wood.

The age of the double jacks, or jackstones is unknown. The game was played by the Celtic and Saxon children of the British Isles. Jackstones appeared in America during early colonial times. This product comes with metal jacks, two rubber balls, a wooden ball, and a toy bag.

Toys passed down from the children of yesterday, to the children of today and tomorrow”

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Ball and Cup

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